Our small and microcap equity research programs are designed to provide these companies with the type of in-depth technical analysis and information dissemination that very few, if any, of these companies are able to obtain independently. In the largely inefficient marketplaces of the AIM, Frankfurt, Pink Sheets, OTCBB, OTCQX and TSX, a listed company’s failure to have dedicated research publicly available can be the difference between a large, expanding shareholder base and a thinly traded stock. Impavix Communication’s comprehensive, consistent and timely research coverage provides this much-needed visibility for these companies.

Pacifix Financial’s equity research programs include:

  • Detailed, Investor-Friendly Research Reports Drafted by Experienced Wall St. Equity Research Analysts;
  • Tier-1 Media Network and Web Infrastructure so as to Ensure Maximum Exposure;
  • Collaboration Agreements with Over 250 Closely-Followed Stock Newsletters; and
  • Web Architecture for Webinar and Podcast Regarding Each Report.

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